The Process

Step 1 - The consultation

This is a chance for us to sit down and fully explore your ideas and answer all your questions in a relaxed and thorough manner. We ask that you bring any reference material you have collected. This can be digital i.e. on a tablet, flash drive or bring them along printed out. In the case of images from a book it's often easier for you to have them scanned or reproduced so we can keep them on file.

If you only have a vague concept with little or no visual reference we are happy to work with you on creating an image that encapsulates your ideas. Please note that this can take more time and even a rudimentary sketch or list of words is useful.

In most cases we will take notes and make small sketches if necessary. These will form the foundations of the tattooing process.

We will talk about excepted methods of payment, this is also a good time to mention your budget and required time scale for your project.

Please allow up to 30 minutes for the consultation, for larger or complex pieces the process can be longer. If we feel it's necessary, multiple consultation are possible, the time spent ironing out the core idea will save time during the tattooing process.

Step 2 - Booking the tattoo

We require a deposit (which is non-refundable) to confirm your appointments, the amount asked will vary depending on the amount of work to be done. Typically we ask that you book all the sessions needed to complete the work. Due to a high demand and maintaining momentum on the project we've found this works best for both you and us. Sessions are usually booked leaving between 2-8 weeks between each one.

Step 3 - Preparing for your appointment

Getting a tattoo is a relatively easy experience, if not an entirely painless one. Whilst it's likely that you will be nervous/excited, a good nights sleep and some breakfast/lunch will make the process much easier, especially on longer sessions.

Avoid drugs and alcohol the night before and the day of your tattoo. If you arrive to your tattoo under the influence of any substances we will not tattoo you.

Step 4 - The Tattoo

You will be asked to fill out a consent form, this is a legal requirement and we will not be able to tattoo you if you refuse to sign it. Please note, you must be over eighteen years old to get tattooed. This is in accordance with the Tattooing Of Minors Act 1969.

Wether you have decided on a large scale tattoo or a smaller design we rarely do any substantial design work before the first session. We consider the process to be a collaborative one and any decisions will be made together. It is our belief that working alongside each other we can create a tattoo that goes beyond the simple commission of an artwork for your body.

A large proportion of our work is drawn straight on to the skin, so the image is ‘fleshed out’ as we go. Where necessary we will use a reference that can be traced over and stencilled on the body, which is then incorporated into the piece. It is usual for us to communicate and discuss ideas as we go. If at any point you would prefer the design altered you can have as much input as you feel necessary. We have found that with the use of previous examples of our work and small sketches we can ease any concerns you may have. Visualising the end ‘product’ is the hardest thing for most clients and we are aware of the trust you will be putting in us. We make every effort possible to give you the tattoo you want in a relaxed and comfortable environment, carried out in the spirit of co-operation. Our tattoo process is one of constant assessment that keeps the work going in a direction we both feel comfortable with.

On longer sessions it is normal for us to take a few short breaks. It's a good idea to bring some snacks to keep your energy levels up.

It's typical for us to work with little in the way of casual conversation, focusing on your tattoo will take up most of our concentration. Bringing something else to do helps pass the time whilst getting tattooed, in most cases you will be able to read (depending on the location of your tattoo) or listen to your own music on a personal device.

Step 5 - Aftercare of your new tattoo

Once the tattoo is finished you will be given a handout that contains all the information you will need to look after your artwork. Once the design is healed we ask that you return to the shop for an assessment of the tattoo. Minor adjustments are occasionally necessary and are usually free of charge (unless healing advice was ignored) they enable us to attain the high levels of artistry you see in our portfolios. Once we are both happy with the work you can move on to stage 6.

Step 6 - Enjoy your new tattoo

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